Easily create HTML5 animations

The future in html programming and by far the simplest and most intuitive. It is also one of the easiest html methods to acquire.
Get on the band wagon today.


HTML5 is is the fifth revision of the HTML standard and has amazing multimedia capabilities built into it unlike previous iterations. It is fast taking over the space once occupied by Flash. Animations, slideshows are possible with HTML5.

HTML5Maker is a new app that allows you to do animations easily in HTML5. I see that the free version only allows one animation, I’m sure there are other freeware applications for HTML5. Do a search on Google.

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A List of my Personal Inspirations

A List of my Personal Inspirations

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How to Not Suck at Typography Like a Designer-convert Doctor


How to not suck at Typo

How to Not Suck at Typography Like a Designer-convert Doctor

We probably would all  be savages if printing was not invented. The invention of the Gutenberg movable type has been a very great leap towards the spreading of information from one person to another and from generation to generation. After this momentous invention, greater finds have flourished and soon became what we know now as the software. Of course, without the invention of the movable type, printing would not be invented and all falls into oblivion, including one of the most reliable inventions man has ever made – the Internet.

Whether we admit it or not, the invention of printing is the unofficial father of all technology. Without it, technology would just be limited to mechanical modernization. Software would have probably not existed and the world would be a much gloomier place. Truly, the gallant invention of the Gutenberg movable type saved humanity from the decadence of ignorance.

Stylish Illustration Works by Mart Biemans

Mart Biemans is a 20 year old illustrator and digital artist from the Netherlands. Mart always dreamed of becoming a professional chef but his passion for art rapidly changed into a career. He haven’t looked back since and he’s loving every single second of it.martbiemans_9












Meet the beast:

More info about Mart Biemans: http://martbiemans.com
Follow Mart Biemans on Twitter: https://twitter.com/martbiemans
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