Happy New Year World

It’s been a while we posted or blogged anything. We are truely sorry.

We have been working to make ourselves better in other to serve better. Now that we are back and better, there is not even enough time for stories, hence we just want to wish you ‘Merry Xmas’ and a happy, sweet 2016.

First post of 2016
First post of 2016

How the French Stick Changed My Life

Bakeries have always been a place of joy to me, next to everything that is divinely greater, God, Family, Heaven. We tend to forget the magnificent efficacy derived in the satisfaction only a freshly made loaf can give us. I do anything for freshly served le pain.


Creative CommonsYou are looking at one of the reasons  we moved to France. Bread, aka le pain. It’s a quality-of-life thing: we figured that even if we had to put our careers on hold, at least we’d be able to enjoy fresh bread every day. Lovely, crusty, light-as-a-feather baguette right out of the oven. Sans preservatives, as I memorably informed my late mother-in-law.

There is a boulangerie on every street corner in Paris and at least one in every village. In thousands of mom-and-pop shops from Nantes to Nice, the baker is at the ovens in the wee hours every morning, and you can buy a warm baguette from about 6:30 a.m. Such unfailing devotion is encrusted* in the very fiber* of le boulanger.

One of my first challenges in France was being able to go into the local bakery and buy what I wanted. There…

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How to launch a startup company: 8 must-read tips


How to launch a startup company: 8 must-read tips


The barriers to creating your own startup company have never been lower. Eight leading startup founders explain how to go about it.

Essential Elements for Brand Identity: 100 Principles for Designing Logos and Building Brands

The book suggestion of this week is about branding, the title is Essential Elements for Brand Identity: 100 Principles for Designing Logos and Building Brands (Design Essentials) by Kevin Budelmann, Yang Kim and Curt Wozniak. It’s a useful guide to designers and clients to understand the terms commonly used in branding and to avoid confusion.

Essential Element for Brand Identity

Through a cohesive structure that explores broader concepts in relation to graphic identities, identity programs, and brand identities, Essential Elements for Brand Identity links formal design concerns with business issues. Design students and seasoned brand managers alike will appreciate the pragmatic relevance of its content and be inspired by the representative body of work collected and presented throughout the book.

Easily create HTML5 animations

The future in html programming and by far the simplest and most intuitive. It is also one of the easiest html methods to acquire.
Get on the band wagon today.


HTML5 is is the fifth revision of the HTML standard and has amazing multimedia capabilities built into it unlike previous iterations. It is fast taking over the space once occupied by Flash. Animations, slideshows are possible with HTML5.

HTML5Maker is a new app that allows you to do animations easily in HTML5. I see that the free version only allows one animation, I’m sure there are other freeware applications for HTML5. Do a search on Google.

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